Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Review] Mad About The Hatter

Mad About The Hatter/ Dakota Chase

I am not going to hold anything back: I was very disappointed with this novel, which I was sure I'll at least like it. I was charmed of reading a novel clashing two of some of my favourite subjects in storytelling: LGBT+ characters and Alice in Wonderland retellings; but now, I'm just disappointed to say that I was better off not remembering any of it.

Henry (also known as 'Boy Alice') didn't believe his sister's telltales of an underground world full of madness and wonder- that until he gets trapped in said world.

Honestly, this is actually not the first I actually came across an Alice in Wonderland story with a romance consisting of two males. I've read long ago a webcomic with similar synopsis, hence why the idea wasn't the peak of originality, like how other reviewers described it. And that webcomic made more sense to me story-wise, as it wasn't set in modern era (why did the author make that decision, I have no idea).

Right, there was a love-hate romance here... I should speak of it, but all I can say is: it was silly and cliché by trying being mature and a breath of fresh air. They got the hating part down, but the romance was so underheated it was just boring making out. And if I had to choose the most painful thing about this book, is that the romance could be so much more-- but the Hatter was just some stereotypical guy who spouted nonsense (very different from being mad, mind you) and Henry being way too mean and unlikable.

Overall, I don't think this was my cup of tea, and had no liking to it whatsoever. Also; kudos to the sun.


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