Thursday, September 3, 2015

[Review] A Summer Like No Other

A Summer Like No Other/ Elodie Nowodazkij 

Back in freshman year of high school, I have traveled on spring break to Saint Petersburg, a city with many marvellous and outstanding art museums. I'm getting to my point, don't you worry.

While visiting the grand Russian Museum, I found myself stumble upon the 'Modern Art' section, where there weren't as great pieces as the main halls, but they were still pleasing to the eyes. Soon, after browsing for my delight, I stand before a white canvas with only a black square drawn on it. No stroke lines. No imperfections or an artistic abstract. Just a plain square.

My mother, who was traveling a lot with me back then, explained to me that the reason this was hanging here is because it is a piece of art. She also noted that many individuals reported feeling deep and intense emotions.

"Wait, I think I do feel something," I grasped for my heart, trying to hold my tone from turning into bitter and sarcastic.
"Really? What do you feel?" she cocked her eyebrow up, unsure if I was joking.
"That this is the stupidest thing I witnessed in my oh-so-short life."

And this is, ladies and gentlemen, exactly what I feel about this 'novel'.

And I put the word novel in quote marks because this wasn't a written piece. This was just a check list of an author of what they think will make an indie novel successful.

Two characters who love each other because they're both steaming hot? Check!
Enter LGBT+ characters with no actual propose? Check!
Angst? Finding a bitter truth about the heroin's past? Check and check.

I rest my case, your audience, and I wouldn't even go into how bland the characters, plot, setting and writing are, because it is not worth mine or yours precious time.

Actual rating: 0 stars

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